John Blakey (UK)

John Blakey (UK)

Founder, The Trusted Executive

As the Founder of The Trusted Executive, John and his team help purpose-driven leaders deliver the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet using the unique models and tools from his books, ‘The Trusted Executive’ and ‘Challenging Coaching’.

'Challenging Coaching', co-authored with Ian Day, is one of the UK’s best-selling leadership books and features the FACTS coaching model. It was inspired by John's executive coaching work with over 130 CEOs from 22 different countries, as well as with the leaders of gold-medal winning Team GB Olympic squads, title-winning premiership football clubs and England Cricket.

John has delivered keynote speaker sessions to thousands of purpose-driven leaders worldwide and he coach a small number of pioneering CEOs. His next book, ‘Force for Good: How to Thrive as a Purpose-Driven Leader’ will be published by Kogan Page in 2023.

17:00 - 17:30

Up, In & Out - The Thee Core Responsibilities of Purpose-Driven Leadership

John will share the unique „Up, In & Out“ model of purpose-driven leadership, which is featured in his latest book, „Force for Good – How to Thrive as a Purpose Driven leader“. He will propose three core responsibilities of the purpose-driven leader as follows: UP - How do you discover, connect with, serve and feel the joy of your higher calling? IN - How do you manage your motivation, resilience and spiritual well-being as you pursue your higher calling? OUT - How do you lead your followers by forgiving the individual, protecting the team (and purpose) and becoming a beacon of hope?   Join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring session.

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