Lion Goodman (USA)

Lion Goodman (USA)

Professional Certified Therapeutic Coach (PCC), Clear Beliefs Institute

Lion Goodman is a Professional Certified Therapeutic Coach, and founder of the Clear Beliefs Institute. He has more than 40 years of experience as an executive coach, counselor and healer. He is known as The Subconscious Pattern Detective.

He is the creator of The Clear Beliefs Method, a proprietary process for shifting beliefs at the core of the psyche, healing childhood wounds, and resolving trauma. More than 600 coaches, therapists, healers, and change agents around the world have graduated from his Clear Beliefs Coach Training.

Lion is the author of five books, including Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs; Creating on Purpose; Transforming Trauma; and Clear Your Beliefs. He has taught workshops and trainings across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, and China, working with organizations such as The Shift Network, Mindvalley, Defen Space, Luminary Leadership Institute, and Lifebook.

His articles have been widely published in books, magazines, and blog sites, including Choice Magazine for Coaches, Coaching Perspectives, GoodMenProject and YourTango. He has been featured on more than 100 summits, radio programs, podcasts, and television shows.

Previously, Lion spent 25-years in executive search and executive coaching, finding talent for hundreds of companies and executives across the U.S., from Fortune 500 corporations to venture-funded start-up companies.

Thousands of coaches and clients have reported profound transformation from the Clear Beliefs Method.

09:00 - 14:00

Lion Goodman Master Class: Your Hidden World of Subconscious Beliefs

30. august kell 9:00-14:00 Koos konverentsi saalipiletiga meistriklass 100 eurot+km! 95% or more of your thoughts, feelings, and brain activities are hidden from view, yet they influence and control your daily life – your perceptions, choices, decisions, and actions. They determine how you relate to yourself, to others, and the world. Dive into your subconscious mind and discover what it is made of.

12:00 - 12:20

Career: Therapeutic Coach

Instead of referring our clients out to therapists, we can utilize coaching tools that are effective at diving into the belief structure itself and changing it at the core. Lion will discuss the Clear Beliefs Method and its power to change limiting beliefs and past experiences into empowering beliefs and wisdom that allows clients to move forward with ease to accomplish their goals without internal resistance.

16:30 - 17:00

The Hidden Beliefs That Impact Your Organization

Most organizations experience resistance to progress at times. When a machine is well-oiled, there is smooth forward movement. Where there is conflict, resistance, resentment, or bad moods, there is push-back, and the work doesn’t get done. Managers can easily look for someone to fire – or blame – which doesn’t solve the problem. A better option is to become a belief detective – a curious and open-minded anthropologist seeking the cause beneath the surface, in the subconscious mind of some employees. We will discuss toxic beliefs that can infect organizations and stop forward movement, and options for re-aligning beliefs to open the floodgates of productivity and innovation. 

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