Rae T. Chois (Kanada)

Rae T. Chois (Kanada)

Executive Coach (MCC) ICF

Rae T. Chois, an ICF Master Certified Coach since 2006, is globally recognized for her expertise in Coaching Skill Excellence and creating enduring, irreversible change.

Dedicating over two decades to empowering individuals and organizations worldwide, Rae is acknowledged as a captivating speaker, insightful coach, visionary corporate trainer, and compassionate mentor, impacting 33 countries. Her clients span esteemed corporations, emerging entrepreneurs, devoted parents, couples seeking fulfillment, and individuals dedicated to personal growth.

After collaborating with the Olympic Organizing Committee in 2002, witnessing, "No One Makes it to the Olympics Without a Coach," Rae was inspired. This led to a remarkable 12-year collaboration with Dr. Marilyn Atkinson at Erickson Coaching International as the Director of Training and Accreditation. Rae's co-authored best-selling books, including "The Art & Science of Coaching: Inner Dynamics of Coaching," "Flow: The Core of Coaching," and "Step By Step Coaching," translated into multiple languages, solidified her as a respected thought leader.

In 2013, driven by an inspired mission to awaken and inspire greatness globally, Rae founded Choice International, developing transformational models and processes used by hundreds of coaches worldwide.

As a humble force for transformation and growth, Rae stands ready to inspire awe-inspiring journeys of self-enhancement within executive leadership and organizational coaching. With unwavering commitment, expertise, and a transformative approach, Rae invites you to experience the magic of limitless possibilities and contribute to creating organizational success beyond expectations.

10:05 - 10:30

How does leading with coaching help sharing responsibility?

Ready to unlock the transformative potential of leadership through coaching? In this presentation, we will explore the dynamic realm of a coach approach to leadership, witnessing its profound impact on fostering shared responsibility, accountability, and empowering employees to take ownership of results. I'll reveal strategies that empower leaders to inspire others toward collaborative success and delve into the remarkable outcomes that emerge when leadership meets coaching excellence. Elevate your leadership game and embrace a future where shared responsibility becomes the cornerstone of organizational success.

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