Tom Waghorn

Tom Waghorn

Clear Ads

Tom Waghorn is the Head of Accounts at Clear Ads, a globally recognised Amazon advertising agency, specialising in Amazon PPC and DSP platforms. Clear Ads provide advertising services for well-established, premium Amazon sellers who are looking to further capitalise on their success on Amazon using our services. The Clear Ad’s service is customer-centric, revolving around their clients’ goals, and promises a manual, granular approach to advertising in order to meet them.

Tom Waghorn has recently celebrated his 5 year anniversary at Clear Ads, around when the company converted to an Amazon only advertising agency, the first of their kind to do so in the UK. He has since acquired a multitude of 7 figure Amazon clients and also manages a team of 10 account managers. Over his time, he has also relished the opportunity to attend multiple Amazon events all around the world, giving presentations and building relationships.

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